Time is winding down! We are only a few months away before we kick off Blissful iGnorance on the beautiful St. Lucian island... 

The video above gives you a bird's eye view and landing exactly as we will see it! The video is a little long but if you knew how long it took me to put it together you would pity me! So do me a favor and spare the 16 minutes of your life and watch it...lol.  

However the sites are beautiful and for those of you who haven't seen the island at all, it will give you a great idea of what to expect! 

If you haven't already.....

Get Your Passport!.... Like now ... Like right now!.....

You can not travel without it. It's 3 simple steps...

     a. Fill out your passport form here and print it out.

     b. Take your picture at CVC or Walgreens...

     c. Head over to your nearest post office. Try to arrive early. Some locations require appointments... Take your form, picture and money with you. 

     d. Slap yourself for waiting so long... LOL...

It should take about 6 weeks unless you get it expedited or go downtown to the federal building (not fun at all... trust me!)

Flight information:

We will by flying out with American Airlines from Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Tx as a group. Due to villa locations and travel accommodations once we land on the island, it is necessary that we travel as a group. The flight itinerary and prices are below:

July 14, 2016

Depart: Houston, TX     5:15am   Arrive: Charlotte, NC    8:46am

Depart: Charlotte, NC   9:55am   Arrive: St. Lucia   2:00pm


July 18, 2016

Depart: St. Lucia 2:30pm   Arrive: Miami, Fl    6:20pm

Depart: Miami, Fl 9:30pm  Arrive: Houston, Tx 11:17pm

Base fare plus taxes/charges is $988 per person round trip.

Payment Arrangements

In an effort to make our flight fee(s) easier to maintain, I was able to put together a payment schedule. Please understand that this schedule must be maintained and payments MUST be made on time or before the required due date in order for us to hold our tickets. There are no exceptions. If anyone has issues, contact me immediately. Also, due to timing needed for payments and the method required, I will not be accepting payments on this site as we did for the villa payments. I will be utilizing Chase Quick Pay for all these transactions. If I haven't used chase quick pay with you before, we need to setup an account and do a test run to ensure your good to go. Otherwise, you will receive a pay request from me the day before the actual due date.

Payment Schedule:

                               Single                    Couple

03/25/2016           $247                      $494

04/15/2016           $247                      $494

05/20/2016           $247                      $494

06/10/2016           $247                      $494


We are at the home stretch guys! You will hear from me more often moving forward and I will have an itinerary for us very soon!


~Shavon Bean