We are booked and ready to go! Whoop Whoop! I hope your excited. If your not, please pretend to be...:)

Now its time to get acquainted! I promise I wont go around the room and make you say your name, occupation and what your future goals are in life however.... this will be a fun opportunity to meet everyone going on the trip. And it will be a real treat for me to see everyone that puts up with my shenanigans and keeps me grounded in the same room! You all are near and dear to my heart!...Luv Ya Bunches! LOL

We will begin with a detailed overview of what to expect in St. Lucia from the time we land to the time we leave. This portion will cover itinerary, events, expenses, reminders etc. Also, I will entertain a Q & A session at that time. Once we are done, I have a surprise event. Don't roll your eyes either. You guys know I love surprises. So don't ask me what it is... you will find out once we arrive there. I promise, you will enjoy it. It's safe... no orgies or giving blood either... pinky swear!...LOL

If your available, once the event is over, I would love for the group to hang out and eat. Let me know if your able to attend the dinner and I will make us some reservations.

July 25th Itinerary:

4:30pm - Meet & Greet @ Alley Kat (3718 Main St Houston, TX  77002)

6:00pm - Surprise Event ( 1 hour - 1.5 hours)

8:00pm - Dinner @ Guadalajara (1201 San Jacinto Houston, TX 77002)

Please note that all these locations are downtown and are in close proximity of each other. Come dressed relaxed. This meet & greet is casual and the locations are as well.

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