We are a few days out! As you are packing and tying up loose ends don't forget the reminders on your cheat sheet. The more prepared you are, the better the experience.

Also, There was an interesting conversation that took place recently... The topic specifically was pertaining to alcohol and how creative we can be in order to get it on the plane and make our 1.5 hour drive even more "pleasurable" on the way to the villa once we land.

First lets briefly talk about what is actually allowed... In case you don't already know.

Can you bring alcohol on the plane?... the answer is yes. Now here are the stipulations for the amount and content allowed in your carry on luggage vs checked luggage.

Carry-On Luggage

-Bottles Must Be 3 ounces or less

-You can bring as many as you can fit into a clear plastic bag that will seal

Checked Luggage

-Alcohol Content Must be 70% (140 proof) or LESS

-Alcohol with more than 70% alcohol content, including 95% grain alcohol and 150 proof rum, cannot be packed 

-You may carry up to 5 Liters of alcohol between 24% and 70%

-Must be packed in sealable bottle or flask


Now for my none bartenders let me break this down. I have had a lifetime of turn up sessions with the majority of you people. Therefore, I think I have a pretty good idea of what you all like to drink. If your a premium drinker, such as myself, then you probably won't even be able to recognize alcohol that follows in the category of 70% and below..LOL

80 proof and above is home to your regular homies like Ciroc, Hennessy, Patron, my personal favorite Grand Mariner, Hendricks, etc etc... and unless your packing 50ml bottles, you may encounter issues with TSA. I am not ashamed to say I will literally cry and offer bribes if they try and take my liter bottles from me. Judge if you want, I don't care.

Now there is 70% and below alcohol that you might enjoy and you may want to bring... Like Crown or Crown Apple. But after the last outing at Club Lumen when the group thought it would be an awesome idea to mix Ciroc Apple with Crown Apple cuz drunk logic said... well it has apple in it so lets do it!... (btw....WRONG AS ALL HELL!)... You guys can miss me with that crown and his cousin. Since I don't have any other examples of 70% alcohol because I don't drink that shit you can proceed to the next paragraph. Good Luck with your search.

So this brings me back to the creative conversation I mentioned earlier. A few thug life members of the group are not going to compromise their taste buds by packing that 70% rubbing alcohol for consumption. They will gladly take the same route as people who partake in cruises. I am talking about Listerine bottles people...LOL. A few Blissful iGnorance passengers will live up to the name and fill a Listerine bottle with their premium bougieness' of choice. 

Now I would like to think common sense is common but in a world full of Stacey Dash's and Raven Simone's... here are a few 'rules'

-Listerine bottle, 3 ounces or more, check it in your suitcase. Do not try to carry it on the plane

-Buy an Opaque color bottle, not clear. Hennessy does not look like Blue Ocean Breeze Listerine, They will know you are lying

-Don't be embarrassing me at this airport! *Insert yo mama voice*

If you don't listen and decide to pull out 4 big bottles of Listerine out your purse or bag and TSA look at you like the una bomber, Do not call my name or look at me. I will look away like I don't know you and have white privilege. No lie. And you will not be invited next year either...LOL    

So if you want to wing it... you are welcome to do so. Otherwise you can wait until we land. 


**Very Important**Need ASAP**Very Important**

 Please fill out your passport information below. By now you guys should have gotten your flight itinerary via email. If you didn't receive it, let me know asap. 

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Stank Ya and see you Thursday!