Remember these are actual flight times not the time to arrive at the airport!

American Airlines

Bush Intercontinental Airport

Confirmation: XIPWAO


American Flight 1044

IAH to MIA  July 14, 5:00 am - 8:36am


American Flight 2295

MIA to UVF  July 14, 9:59am - 1:40pm


American Flight 2295

UVF to MIA July 18, 2:40pm - 6:25pm


American Flight 63

MIA to IAH July 18, 8:16pm - 9:59pm



Make note of the current currency exchange. This is just for your information.

1USD = 2.70XCD (Eastern Caribbean Dollar)



Please share this information with your emergency contact in the event of an emergency while you are away. For those of you who haven't flown internationally, keep this information on hand. You will need this address for immigration on entry into St. Lucia. The postcard 'cheat sheet' I gave you guys has this information on there and can be utilized for your convenience.

Tamarind Villa

Flambouyant Crescent, Cap Estate

Gros Islet, St. Lucia

Emergency Line: 758.724.6551



-Passport! You cant fly without it!

-Cash for transportation - $40 round trip from airport and Villa, $10 round trip for each itinerary location

-Comfortable attire, at least one nice outfit for Sunday

-No large items on street, especially during Gros Islet Street Party. Don't take items from vendors unless you intend on purchasing

-Check with your phone company about service in the area

-Download Whatsapp in the event you don't have service. Share info with emergency contact

-Share Villa Info with emergency contact

-Ask before posting - As a courtesy ask anyone associated with videos or pics prior to posting on social media. Some people professions and reputation could be at stake. Blissful iGnorance is an opportunity to unwind. Whats happens during Blissful iGnorance... stays at Blissful iGnorance. Don't forget to hashtag! ...